Finally, it is Over

Is it over?

I sat pondering on my couch

Still did I sit to watch

An insect struggling hard to survive

A question kept on striking my mind

Will the insect survive?

Survive to struggle again

Survive to start again

Mind and vision are truly simultaneous

What we see and what we think

Built up their own connection.

Alas! The insect failed to crawl further

Alas! My conscience was full of empathy

Empathy for the insect

And sympathy for my own self

My self stood in parallel to the tiny entity

Was it really the ending of the struggle?

I stood there in a solemn mood

It was a phase of self introspection

Where my mind had its own psychological motion

For a struggling soul

The emotions play a vital role

Amidst all the turbulences

Comes a phase of purgation

Along with a question

What it is to be

Finally Over?

Is it a mere ending of a crisis?

Or is it the mortal death?

Those were the moments

When I knew not whether to continue or give up

Unlike the insect, I kept on releasing sighs of life

The cruel sinews of injustice kept hitting me

The crisis made me hollow

Hollow, yet intact

Broken, yet stern

Fighting and fighting did I meet Justice

Yes, the phase arrived

And I said

Finally, it is over.

A part of me again raised its voice

Is it finally over?

From being a free soul, I knew my limits

From singing songs of innocence

I sing the songs of experience

The vicious circle continues

And the voyage continues

There isn’t any end

For when it is over

A new phase begins

With all its new lessons it comes to us

Till death it’s about moving on

For there isn’t any space for complacency

For being stagnant is prohibited

So, go on with life until you meet death

Go on with life until you have all the strength.


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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