Some dwindling thoughts keep me preoccupied. Why is it so difficult to give a pause to one’s thoughts?  From morning till the night shrowds itself on us, the mind keeps on thinking some or the other thing. The state of rest is never achieved. The body may rest but the mind never rests until death takes place. The mental rest is hypothetical. Even if one remains physically at rest, there is always a sense of restlessness that keeps on striking. These are the thoughts that make us feel tired. The mind is the most complex entity that has existence.Be it science, arts, humanities, the mind always plays it’s vital role. What I derived out of my trials of not to think much has been to remain indulged in some or the other things. However, that too, can keep one partially out of thoughts. Within the blink of an eye, the thoughts percolate in the psyche and the process starts again. Truly, mind is such an amazing and at times such annoying an entity.😃


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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