A Glance Over My Short Journey

From dawn to dusk..

I keep on wondering..

Dreary I feel at times..

When things go out of my hands..

In my loneliness, I ponder over my life..

Through the hustle bustle of the day..

I go through many emotions..

Emotions which make me cry..

Emotions which make me smile..

The first days of the sun..

Takes me ahead to my goal..

A goal which is far away..

Not too far to be achieved .

Yet, the daily distractions

Come on my way as temptations..

Some give me sorrow..

Some take me to a better tomorrow..

Life is a maze..

Amongst which I stand and gaze..

Gaze towards the right path..

Then a second thought comes to my mind..

Life is something between black and white..

The grey shade defines it..

Throws me into dilemma..

Fills me up with some enigma..

While all these issues occupy my mind..

The moonlight has spread over the sky..

Calmness has dawned upon the earth..

Yet, I keep my sobs at the isles..

The night gives me a chance..

To ponder over my lost identity…

As the show must go on..

Here, I should sleep now..

Give the night, a big bow..


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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