An Encounter with Myself

Setting of sun puts my mind in motion..

The darkening of sky illuminates my mind..

Is this a call of my conscience..

I sit pondering amidst the darkness..

Darkness which provides relief to my struggling thoughts..

Lulls me into N arena of tranquility..

An encounter with my own self..

I converse with my inner being..

A personality unknown to me..

I discovered my own self..

Self is self’s best friend..

Is what struck me in these hours of reflection..

Sunset mirrors another day of hope..

Hope to which the world adheres to..

A voice within me sang to the tunes of birds..

With them, it flew to the horizon of freedom..

Freedom gets its value through curtailment..

Happiness lies hidden in unhappiness..

Man wants to get rid of woes..

And this illusion blinds them..

Life sails through the winds of contrasts..

Shadow reflects presence of light..

And suddenly, a ray of light struck my eyes..

Dawn was showering it’s blessings on me..

And I stood watching the eternal sunrise..

( Published in Delhi University e-journal)


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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