Who is She

She is the universe..

She abounds the creation..

A seat of endless emotion..

An epitome of patience..

A storehouse of resistance..

A figure beyond any definition..

An embodiment of perfection..

Carrier of all world’s pains..

She is a mixture of beauty and brains..

She is the half of humanity..

An abundance of peace and piety..

A Laurel tree which produces fruits..

Fruits of love, happiness and gaiety..

She is the universal giver..

A symbol of mother figure..

She is the most harrased and humiliated..

Has to bear the pain of adherence..

A victim of society’s dictatorship..

Has to go through all hardship..

She is none other than the female..

She is every girl..

She is in every woman..

She is always under repression..

If she has the ability to construct..

She can as well destruct..

A salute to her…

She deserves all our appreciation..


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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