The Power of Nature

Wondering and wondering I came across a brook..

Brook which had the crystal clear flow of water..

I sat singing to the tunes of the birds..

That space had serenity..

That space provided me with immense peace..

For isolation can be so pure..I knew not..

Away from the din of the city life..

I had been in the lap of Nature..

The magnamity of which amazes me..

For Nature is the prime source of learning..

Learning which remains hidden..

For us to comprehend..

Each aspect of Nature has a message for us..

From dusk to dawn..

She implores humans to move on..

We, being the part of her..

Together, we are the cosmos..

The cosmos which unites us..

For unity is what is required..

In the scenario of unrest..

Peace cannot be found outside..

Interiority is what one aims for..

To be internally happy..

Is what is necessary..

That moment with Nature..

Made me so thoughtful..

That moment with Nature..

Made me so hopeful..


Author: Mitali Bhattacharya

I am deep thinker with deep thoughts.

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