The Power of Nature

Wondering and wondering I came across a brook..

Brook which had the crystal clear flow of water..

I sat singing to the tunes of the birds..

That space had serenity..

That space provided me with immense peace..

For isolation can be so pure..I knew not..

Away from the din of the city life..

I had been in the lap of Nature..

The magnamity of which amazes me..

For Nature is the prime source of learning..

Learning which remains hidden..

For us to comprehend..

Each aspect of Nature has a message for us..

From dusk to dawn..

She implores humans to move on..

We, being the part of her..

Together, we are the cosmos..

The cosmos which unites us..

For unity is what is required..

In the scenario of unrest..

Peace cannot be found outside..

Interiority is what one aims for..

To be internally happy..

Is what is necessary..

That moment with Nature..

Made me so thoughtful..

That moment with Nature..

Made me so hopeful..



Some dwindling thoughts keep me preoccupied. Why is it so difficult to give a pause to one’s thoughts?  From morning till the night shrowds itself on us, the mind keeps on thinking some or the other thing. The state of rest is never achieved. The body may rest but the mind never rests until death takes place. The mental rest is hypothetical. Even if one remains physically at rest, there is always a sense of restlessness that keeps on striking. These are the thoughts that make us feel tired. The mind is the most complex entity that has existence.Be it science, arts, humanities, the mind always plays it’s vital role. What I derived out of my trials of not to think much has been to remain indulged in some or the other things. However, that too, can keep one partially out of thoughts. Within the blink of an eye, the thoughts percolate in the psyche and the process starts again. Truly, mind is such an amazing and at times such annoying an entity.😃

A Glance Over My Short Journey

From dawn to dusk..

I keep on wondering..

Dreary I feel at times..

When things go out of my hands..

In my loneliness, I ponder over my life..

Through the hustle bustle of the day..

I go through many emotions..

Emotions which make me cry..

Emotions which make me smile..

The first days of the sun..

Takes me ahead to my goal..

A goal which is far away..

Not too far to be achieved .

Yet, the daily distractions

Come on my way as temptations..

Some give me sorrow..

Some take me to a better tomorrow..

Life is a maze..

Amongst which I stand and gaze..

Gaze towards the right path..

Then a second thought comes to my mind..

Life is something between black and white..

The grey shade defines it..

Throws me into dilemma..

Fills me up with some enigma..

While all these issues occupy my mind..

The moonlight has spread over the sky..

Calmness has dawned upon the earth..

Yet, I keep my sobs at the isles..

The night gives me a chance..

To ponder over my lost identity…

As the show must go on..

Here, I should sleep now..

Give the night, a big bow..

An Encounter with Myself

Setting of sun puts my mind in motion..

The darkening of sky illuminates my mind..

Is this a call of my conscience..

I sit pondering amidst the darkness..

Darkness which provides relief to my struggling thoughts..

Lulls me into N arena of tranquility..

An encounter with my own self..

I converse with my inner being..

A personality unknown to me..

I discovered my own self..

Self is self’s best friend..

Is what struck me in these hours of reflection..

Sunset mirrors another day of hope..

Hope to which the world adheres to..

A voice within me sang to the tunes of birds..

With them, it flew to the horizon of freedom..

Freedom gets its value through curtailment..

Happiness lies hidden in unhappiness..

Man wants to get rid of woes..

And this illusion blinds them..

Life sails through the winds of contrasts..

Shadow reflects presence of light..

And suddenly, a ray of light struck my eyes..

Dawn was showering it’s blessings on me..

And I stood watching the eternal sunrise..

( Published in Delhi University e-journal)

Why does one exist?

What is existence? According to me, the word “exist” means to find the purpose of one’s life or it could have several other connotations. Every human being is said to have a purpose in life for the fulfillment of which, she or he exists on earth. However, merely being born does not serve the purpose of existence.

The most important aspect of existence is to live in the present to the fullest. It is said that the power of thought that is bestowed upon the individuals enables them to exist in a unique manner. One spends the whole life in trying to find out as to why one is existing on earth.

Life is all about experimentations and taking risks. By not indulging in risks, we tend to risk our own lives. Coming out of the comfort zone is what is to live and explore oneself.

Richard Bach said, ” I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.” This is exactly what existence means to me. Self satisfaction is the term here which is most important and hard to find.Rene Descartes said, ” I think, therefore I am.” This statement made by him directly reflects how important it is to think and then exist. Self motivation is the only thing that drives us towards what we wish to achieve. The external world may act as a stimulus but the real effort comes from within.

I would like to conclude my article with Salman Rushdie’s words, ” I am the sum total of everything. I am that happens after I am gone which would have happened if I had not come. This subjective I is the force which is the secret of living and facing life with all its happiness and turbulences.

Who is She

She is the universe..

She abounds the creation..

A seat of endless emotion..

An epitome of patience..

A storehouse of resistance..

A figure beyond any definition..

An embodiment of perfection..

Carrier of all world’s pains..

She is a mixture of beauty and brains..

She is the half of humanity..

An abundance of peace and piety..

A Laurel tree which produces fruits..

Fruits of love, happiness and gaiety..

She is the universal giver..

A symbol of mother figure..

She is the most harrased and humiliated..

Has to bear the pain of adherence..

A victim of society’s dictatorship..

Has to go through all hardship..

She is none other than the female..

She is every girl..

She is in every woman..

She is always under repression..

If she has the ability to construct..

She can as well destruct..

A salute to her…

She deserves all our appreciation..